Window manager

You can arrange the windows almost any way you like with Window Manager in Grafcet Studio:

This is the standard arrangement:

The I/O panel and the Grafcet Engine are arranged next to one another other here. In the bottom section, the symbols and Grafcet notes are arranged side by side:

Three windows are arranged next to one another in the bottom section here:

You can move windows as follows: Click on a tab or on the window title and drag the mouse to the centre of the main window:

Depending on where you are, a small docking window opens showing the options for the docking positions:

The window docks when you release the mouse.

Take some time to experiment with this function to learn how it works.

If required, you can restore the default window configuration by enabling this switch when you exit Grafcet Studio:

This re-enables the default window configuration when you restart Grafcet Studio.