Grafcet Snippets

Grafcet charts can be archived in a library (table) in the 'Grafcet Snippets' window:

Description of the operating elements:

  1. Table with different snippets.
  2. Adding a snippet. The Grafcet elements you want to save as a snippet need to be selected on the canvas first.
  3. Deleting a snippet
  4. Creating a new table
  5. Opening other tables
  6. Saving the current table under a different name
  7. Filtering the current table (view)

Table Structure

Column Description
Created When was the snippet created?
Quantity How many Grafcet elements does the snippet contain?
Used How many times has the snippet already been used?
Symbols Quantity of symbols in the snippet
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  • Save Grafcet elements which you intend to use again here
  • Build a library


If you save Grafcet elements with symbols in them, the symbols are also saved. When you insert these symbols in the canvas, they are entered into the current table of symbols, if they are not already there.