Quick start

Grafcet-Studio Quick Start

The most important things for the 1st test of Grafcet-Studio

  • Edit a transition, step or action: Press the Return key or double-click with the mouse (edit the action condition with F2).
  • Edit: Jump to the next object: Press the cursor keys
  • Edit: Change the type of an action: Tab key or select or select and click on another action type
  • Edit transition: A rising edge (or falling edge) can be inserted with Ctrl+ (Ctrl+).
  • A vertical transition can be changed to a horizontal transition via the context menu.
  • The standard names for the inputs/outputs can be changed via the symbol table.
  • Vertical transitions can now be multi-line. With Shift-Return a line break can be inserted. This helps to save space with long terms (possible from version on).

Click here for a detailed introduction to Grafcet-Studio