Simulate with a virtual system

Grafcet-Studio can be linked/connected to the following programs:

The sensors on the virtual machine/system are used as input signals, and the outputs in the table of symbols are written to the virtual machine's actuators. The result: the Grafcet controls the virtual system and you no longer have to manipulate the inputs manually.


Grafcet-Studio has to be in simulator-mode for the link to work, i.e. Simulator needs to be selected in the Grafcet Engine window. You do not need to make any additional settings in Grafcet Studio.


The Options->General Settings dialog needs to be selected: Internal destination: Simulator. Icon S7 also needs to be pressed:

PLC Lab Runtime

S7AG (WinSPS-S7) mode has to be enabled in PLC-Lab Runtime:


Driver MHJ has to be used in FACTORY I/O.


Grafcet Studio Standard or Grafcet-Studio Pro needs to be used for the link with FACTORY I/O to work. FACTORY I/O does not support Grafcet Studio Starter.

IO Settings

If you do not change the settings, the digital input and output addresses start at 0 and the analogue input and output addresses at 256.

You can change the start addresses in the Grafcet Engine window in the settings for the simulator:

The addresses are addressed from top to bottom in the symbol editor. Make sure that the individual symbols have exactly the same address used in the virtual system.