Arduino Due

Read in this section how to install the Grafcet-Engine on an Arduino board of the type Arduino Due and then transfer a Grafcet chart.

You need more information about the Arduino Due?


You need Grafcet-Studio Version or newer!

To download the Grafcet logic to ArduinoDue, only Grafcet Studio is required. With Windows 10 the Arduino is detected when plugged in, the drivers are already present. With Windows 7 you should install the Arduino-Studio, so that the device is recognized at the USB interface.

You need:

  • Grafcet-Studio Pro Edition, IoT-Edition or Grafcet-Studio demo version
  • ArduinoDue
  • USB connection cable
  • Arduino-Studio (not needed with Windows 10)

Prepare Arduino Due

Connect the Arduino Due via the Programming Port to the PC.


Please don't use the native USB port of the Arduino. Otherwise, Grafcet-Studio cannot connect to the Arduino Due.

After plugging in, a serial COM port is created. In the Device Manager, you can check this in the Connections section.

The Grafcet engine must be installed once on the ArduinoDue. This is done with Grafcet-Studio. After installing the Grafcet-Engine, Grafcet-Studio can program the ArduinoDue immediately.


In Grafcet-Studio, bring the Grafcet-Engine window to view and press the Disconnect button (if connected). Then press the plus icon:

Now select ArduinoDue as the device and set a name for the device. This name will appear later in the device selection list:

Press the Ok button and the settings dialog appears. Select the COM port to which the ArduinoDue is connected.

If there is no COM port available, the ArduinoDue is not connected to the PC or has not been detected. Now press the button Grafcet-Engine install. After a confirmation prompt, the Grafcet-Engine is downloaded to the ArduinoDue. The copying process takes about 15 seconds.

Pin Configuration


Via the pin configuration, you determine for each pin whether it should be an input (digital or analog) or an output (digital or analog).

You can specify the pins separated by a comma: 31,32,33,34,35,36 Or through a range: 31-36 or 36-31

Digital Input Pins: Insert here the pins to be used as digital inputs (PinMode=INPUT).

Digital Input Pins (pullup): Insert the pins to be used as digital inputs in Pullup mode (PinMode=INPUT_PULLUP).

Digital output pins: Insert here the pins to be used as digital outputs (PinMode=OUTPUT).

Analog input pins: Insert here the pins to be used as analog inputs.

Analog output pins: Insert here the pins to be used as analog outputs.


The defined pins are automatically assigned to the symbols. The 1st defined digital input pin is then the 1st digital input, e. g."I0".

See next section Symbolic Table.

Symbol table

In the symbol table in the column Address you will find the assigned pin. This allows you to check if your pin configuration is correct. In the table (see picture above) you can see, for example:

  • The digital input I0 is connected to the Pin 31.
  • The digital output Q0 is linked to Pin 4.
  • The analog input AI0 is linked to the Pin A0.
  • The analog output AO0 is linked to Pin 2.
  • The analog output AO2 and AO3 has no pin assignment. A red exclamation mark is displayed here. This means that the symbol AO2 can be used in the Grafcet, but it has no effect on a pin. For this reason, you should either delete these symbols or change the pin configuration.

Download the Grafcet chart into the Arduino Due

To download the Grafcet chart to the Arduino, first press the Connect button and then the Write button.

In this example, the writing process takes about 1-2 seconds. Then press the Watch button to debug the Grafcet on the device.

The whole process as an endless animation:


Is the Arduino-Studio necessary? With Windows 10, Arduino Studio is not required as Windows 10 provides the Arduino driver. On Windows7, you should install Arduino Studio to detect the device when it is plugged in.

Can several Arduino's be connected to the PC at the same time? Yes, every connected Arduino gets its own COM interface, which can be selected in Grafcet Studio.

Can another Arduino be used, e. g."Arduino Uno"? Currently, only ArduinoDue can be used with Grafcet-Studio. An Arduino Uno has not enough RAM (2 KB SRAM).

How can I delete the Grafcet-Engine in Arduino? Simply use the Arduino-Studio to transfer a sketch to the Arduino. This means that the Grafcet engine is no longer exist in Arduino.

If the Grafcet-Engine is installed on the Arduino, can you write and transfer additional "C++" code? No, that's not possible. Only one sketch (program) can run at a time in Arduino.