Drawing Troubleshooting

Non connected elements

If a Grafcet element is ignored during simulation or code generation, a colored exclamation mark is displayed:

This may be what you intend to do, e.g. you want to remove an action from a step for testing purposes. However, it can also be an indication of a design error and the parser does not recognize the type of use correctly. In the next picture the actions were drawn wrong:

The exclamation marks indicate that the elements are not being used. In this case the Grafcet must be changed. See next section.

Draw actions correctly

In the next picture you can see the faulty chart on the left side. In the middle and right you see the valid possibilities:

Error (red exclamation mark)

If a red exclamation mark appears, an error has occurred and the Grafcet cannot be simulated or transferred to a device. Picture:

After moving the mouse over the red exclamation mark, an error message is displayed. The symbol "Value" does not exist in the picture. In this case, the symbol must be added to the symbol table or the symbol was entered incorrectly.

Usage of directed lines

The following picture shows two directed lines. In the left image, the vertical line is not connected to the horizontal line because the vertical line is too long. The right picture shows a correct connection.