This function requires Grafcet-Studio V1.2.0.0 or newer

Printing individual objects

On the drawing area you can select individual Grafcet elements and save them into an image file by using the Context menu "Save selected objects to image file". This image file can be easily integrated into a Microsoft Word document, for example, and then printed.


Via the menu item More->Print... you can print all or individual Grafcet pages. Here you can also print the symbols table.

The print dialog:

No Description
1 Print Preview
2 Number of existing Grafcet pages in the project
3 Selection of the printer
4 Should the symbols table be printed?
5 Print in landscape format?
6 Which pages should be printed?
7 Which page should be displayed in the preview area?
8 Change print settings (header, footer, margins, logos)
9 Print only the current print preview page
10 Print the pages defined in (6).

These settings can be changed using the Print Settings button:

Image: Settings are still collapsed.

Click on the headline to expand the sections:

Here you can set the header and footer if and how they are to be printed. The header and footer are divided into three columns. You can configure each column individually. The columns are multi-line: by pressing the Return key you can define a 2nd and 3rd line. Also, you can use the following print variables:

Print variable Explanation
{Time} The current time is printed.
{Date} The current date is printed.
{DateAndTime} Printing Date and Time.
{PageName} Name of the Grafcet page
{PageNr} Page number
{PageCount} Number of Grafcet pages in project
{ProjectName} That's the filename of the project
{Logo1} Print the defined graphic.
{Logo2} Print the defined graphic.
{Logo3} Print the defined graphic.
{Logo4} Print the defined graphic.

In this section, you can specify the print margins in millimeters (mm).

Graphics and logos

Here you can store the graphics for the print variables {Logo1} to {Logo4}. You can also specify the print height. Here 10 mm are recommended. These settings are cross-project. This means that the specified graphics/logos are available in every project. Press the Open button (below the print height setting) and select the desired graphic file. Supported are JPG and PNG files. After selection, the graphic file will be copied. The original file in the selection location is no longer needed.


Here a standard scaling can be specified for the Grafcet chart and for the symbol table. A scaling of 40% is recommended for the Grafcet chart and 100% for the symbol table. If the entire drawing area is used for the Grafcet chart, the chart may have to be further scaled, so it can be printed.

If the entire drawing area is used for Grafcet elements, you have the problem that the printout becomes too small. Therefore from version a print border can be enabled in the settings (Icon More->Settings). You can then better orientate yourself how much print-friendly area is still available. The following picture shows the print border (dotted line).

Print border