Grafcet pages

The Grafcet can be designed across several pages.

You can insert and remove Grafcet pages in the "Grafcet Pages" window.

You can also open several Grafcet pages simultaneously. You open a Grafcet page by double-clicking on it. A corresponding tab is created for each page.

After you have inserted a new page, you can change the default "Grafcet..." name directly:


You can display two GRAFCETs simultaneously over the context menu on the tab:

The result: two Grafcet pages adjacent to one another.

Grafcet Pages summary:

  • The Grafcet can be divided into several Grafcet pages.
  • All the pages together form the Grafcet chart.
  • All the pages are always transferred to the simulator or external device.
  • Multiple Grafcet pages can be displayed next to one another or below one another simultaneously.
  • You can change the sequence of the pages using Drag&Drop by clicking on the page number (Version>=