Decorate a project with arrows and rectangles

Grafcet-Studio Version

This feature is possible with version and higher.

With rotatable arrows and rectangles the Grafcet chart can be decorated. Arrows can be used to direct attention to a specific location and rectangles can be used to highlight Grafcet structures.


Picture numbers:

No Explanation
1 Insert arrow
2 Insert rectangle
3 The main step chain is highlighted by a colored rectangle
4 Red arrow
5 Comment field (this is not a decoration rectangle!)
6 Green arrow rotates


  • These decoration objects are always in the background, so they cannot cover any Grafcet objects.
  • A decoration rectangle can not contain text. For that, use the comment field.
  • A decoration rectangle cannot be rotated.
  • If a Grafcet-Studio project with decoration objects is loaded with an older version, the decoration objects are displayed as comment fields.
  • The color can be set via the context menu.
  • One click on the arrow and it can be rotated and its size can be changed. See next image.

Rotate and resize arrow:

Picture numbers:

No Explanation
1 By clicking and dragging (to the right and left) the arrow can be rotated.
2 The triangle can be used to scale the arrow.