Table of symbols

You specify the inputs and outputs you want to use in the GRAFCET in the table of symbols. Each symbol has the following properties:

Column Explanation
Grouping Sensor=Symbol is input, Actuator=Symbol is output, Data=Symbol is buffer memory
Data type The data type for the symbol: BOOL, INT16, INT32, UINT8, UINT16, UINT32, FLOAT
Symbol Name Symbol name. Max. 24 characters. The first character has to be a letter. Permitted characters: numbers, letters, _
Current Value This column is only displayed in monitoring mode and when this function is enabled (default = enabled). The current value for the symbol is displayed.
Comment Optional: Comment
Address The address in the device. The initial address is set in the device settings. The addresses are calculated from the top to the bottom.
DB Address The address in the data block = Interface to the native program

The table of symbols forms the basis for the addresses in the GRAFCET. Make sure that the address defined matches the device address or the simulation model (PLC-VISU, PLC Lab Runtime, FACTORY I/O). The initial address is set in the device settings. You can also use the sequence/order to influence the address.

Make sure that the inputs belong to the "Sensor" category and the outputs belong to the "Actuator" category.

Categorisation in the table of symbols

Column Explanation
Sensor This symbol is an input in the device to which a sensor (e.g. limit switch) is connected. The status of the inputs (from the device) are copied cyclically into these symbols.
Actuator This symbol is an output in the device to which an actuator (e.g. light) is connected. The GRAFCET Engine transfers the value for this symbol cyclically to the outputs on the device.
Data This symbol is neither an input nor an output. The GRAFCET Engine does not read or write the symbol. This symbol can be used for intermediate calculations or for exchanging data with the device.

Changing a value in watch mode

The current value of the symbol is displayed in the Current value column in watch mode. If you click on this cell with the mouse and then press F2, you can enter a new value in decimal notation that will be written to the device when you press the RETURN key.

Note: The value is only written once. If the symbol in the GRAFCET is immediately overwritten, you may not see any effects.

If you do not want to write a value, enter "-" and press the RETURN key.

Table of symbols and I/O panel

The symbols that belong to the Sensor or Actuator category are displayed on the I/O panel.